COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Report (2020 – 2021)


COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Report

(2020 – 2021)


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in developing countries, Peaceland Foundation has formed a timely humanitarian relief strategy and actively worked on the front line. Supported by international civil societies, Peaceland Foundation provided services as COVID-19 prevention and control, capacity building and shared China’s pandemic prevention experience to help people overseas in need to combat COVID-19. Moreover, Peaceland Foundation tried its best to coordinate resources and partner with other civil societies and private organizations in China. By fundraising from the public, it delivery supplies and assistants to the most vulnerable in such a special time.

From 2020 to 2021, Peaceland Foundation COVID-19 relief actions benefited people in Iran, Lebanon, Nepal, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, India, Syria, Thailand, Djibout and refugee families. Donated materials included masks, food, coronavirus nucleic acid diagnostic reagents, disinfection fogging machine, cash and other life-saving assistance.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Iran


From 25th February to 16th March 2020, Peaceland Foundation donated four batches of COVID-19 prevention materials, which included 1,000 new coronavirus nucleic acid diagnostic reagents and 2,500 new coronavirus rapid diagnostic reagents, 2-ton Bromine agent, and 9840 pieces Citrate Vitamin C Tablets. These materials were initially delivered to the Embassy of Iran in China, and later on, were transported by air to Iran for citizens’ usage.


COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Lebanon and Refugee


20th March 2020, Peaceland Foundation and Common Future Fund jointly initiated an online pandemic prevention training for local medical staff in Lebanon. Three professional Chinese doctors delivered sessions related to COVID-19 symptoms analysis, disinfection methods, and different approaches to preventing virus from spreading in refugee camps. They also provided tips of how to use Chinese traditional medicines to ease the symptoms of COVID-19. As one of the outcomes, refugees in Lebanon benefited greatly from services provided by the trained staff because they could receive more timely and practical treatments.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Civil Societies from Developing Countries


Under the guidance of China NGO Network for International Exchanges, Peaceland Foundation organized online workshops for medical organizations, civil society organizations (CSOs) and academic institutes on 20th March. In this 12-day forum, we shared with participants from 11 countries the pandemic prevention and control experience in China and received lots of positive feedback. All representatives also exchanged the good practices in their own countries and discussed the strategies to apply new knowledge into the humanitarian relief actions in the local communities.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Zimbabwe  


19th April 2020, Peaceland Foundation assisted the Embassy of Zimbabwe in China to procure COVID-19 prevention materials and transport from China to Zimbabwe. In addition, Peaceland Foundation donated COVID-19 disinfection and protection equipment and materials to the Zimbabwe government to support their people in fighting against the pandemic.

These donations included ten fogging machines, 200 medical protection clothes, 200 protective masks and other relevant supplies.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Syria Refugee in Lebanon 


With the increased COVID-19 cases in Lebanon, refugees were facing difficulty obtaining basic living materials and pandemic control packages. For this reason, Peaceland Foundation, with the help of local CSOs, purchased food and transported them to the camps. Besides, on 20th April 2020, Peaceland Foundation distributed COVID-19 prevention and care kits to 100 Syrian refugee families in Lebanon, serving as primary medical and prevention resources. Local government official Ghazi Sharif also attended this materials distribution activity. He thanked the timely donations from Peaceland Foundation, which could meet the basic needs of refugees in a difficult period.

In Lebanon alone, Peaceland Foundation provided 143,300 RMB humanitarian aid to the Syrian refugee, including pandemic prevention materials, living food, and financial resources. This operation benefited 300 refugee households and 2,000 people living in the camps.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Djibouti

25th April 2020, to respond to the needs of pandemic control in Djibouti, Peaceland Foundation donated 50 tents for local people’s resettlement.


COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Cambodia


6th May 2020, Peaceland Foundation assisted 182,100 RMB to Banteay Srei county to help rural people acquire COVID-19 prevention knowledge, construct local water facilities and obtain basic living food.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Zimbabwe

17th July 2020, Peaceland Foundation again provided 20 fogging machines to Zimbabwe to prevent COVID-19 through the Embassy of Zimbabwe in China.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Thailand

Due to increased COVID-19 cases in Thailand, hospitals could not provide adequate spaces for infected people. Some of them could not be appropriately treated and could only isolate themselves at home.

20th May 2021, Peaceland Foundation and its Chinese CSOs initiated the operation “Care Action for Thailand” to provide online medical care and mental service to people in Thailand who do not have access to medical treatment. The initiative was voluntarily supported by professional COVID-19 doctors, health care professionals in China and local volunteers in Thailand. They furnished accurate, delicate, caring and communicative services to treat those infected people.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to India


With the rapid deterioration of the epidemic situation in India since the end of March 2021, all kinds of medical supplies in India were in shortage.

6th May 2021, Peaceland Foundation supported Bharat Singh, an Indian artist who lives in China, to launch the Humanitarian Aid Initiative for the Epidemic in India. This project called on people in China and around the world to lend a helping hand to the people in India by providing humanitarian assistance. By 19th May 2021, Bharat Singh and his project has already donated 300 oximeters and 450 protective masks to India.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Action to Nepal

15th July 2021, Peaceland Foundation distributed 15,000 masks and 10,400 packages of biscuits and other epidemic prevention materials to the Bagmati community in Kathmandu, Nepal and Tapatalinovic Hospital, benefiting 1,200 local people.

In the past two years, what Peaceland Foundation had done improved the capacity of CSOs from developing countries to combat COVID-19. Our supplies and donations have saved a lot of lives and mitigated the negative impacts on the vulnerable.

We believe that the pandemic will be finally eradicated. Everyone in the world will come back to live a normal life and communicate freely with each other.