Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief

10.06 Shanxi Flood Relief Operation

Since 2nd October, Shanxi Province has experienced an intense rainstorm that has lasted for multiple days. The heavy precipitation has caused many cases of water logging, landslides, dam breaches and floods, some resulting in casualties. On 6th October, Shanxi Province has activated the Level III emergency response for geological hazards.


From 6th-18th Oct, 45 emergency workers from Peaceland Foundation have been involved in flood relief operations in 98 villages in Linfen city and Xiaoyi city in Shanxi.


Our supplies listed below has benefited 27,900 people.  The epidemic prevention operations has covered 15,200 people, and 23 people were relocated to safer places.


Big thanks to our partners, including China Social Assistance Foundation, Tencent Charity, Alipay Charity, Waterdrop Charity, and to all the 59,173 donors who gave a total of over 2.1 million RMB!



Supplies List
Life kit 3000x
Instant noodles 2400x (box)
Ham Sausage 2000x (box)
Flour 760x (bag)
Rice 665x (bag)
Oil 567x (bottle)
Coat 288x
Folding bed 275x
Bedding 2490x
Raincoat 50x
Sprayer 42x
Emergency light 30x
Disinfection vehicle 7x
Electric blanket 335x