Emergency Rescue and Disaster Relief

Response to Shanxi Flooding



Since 2nd October, Shanxi Province has experienced an intense rainstorm that has lasted for multiple days. The heavy precipitation has caused many cases of water logging, landslides, dam breaches and floods, some resulting in casualties. On 6th October, Shanxi Province has activated the Level III emergency response for geological hazards. So far, thousands of local have been relocated.






Today (9th Oct.), Peaceland relief team travelled to the rural area around Huozhou County, Shanxi to investigate the flooding and the needs of the affected people. After the survey, they purchased and delivered necessities such as bedding, food and coats to the affected areas overnight.


We will continue to work on the front line and do our best to mitigate the impact of the disaster.


Huge thanks to the support from our collaborators China Social Assistance Foundation and Tencent Charity, and to all our donors!


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