Rushing to the Earthquake Relief in Yangbi, Yunnan

Rushing to the Earthquake Relief in Yangbi, Yunnan

Yangbi earthquake in Dali, Yunnan


According to the China Earthquake Networks Centre, 21st May 2021 at 21:48 local time, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.4 and a focal depth of 8 km struck Yangbi County in Dali City, Yunnan Province. It caused 35 casualties, including 3 deaths and 32 injured.


After the hit, the local government quickly set up an earthquake relief headquarter and initiated the Level II emergency response, which lasted for a week until 27th May 2021. The afflicted people were settled and guaranteed basic food supplies. After that, the focus of work shifted from rescue and relief to restoration and reconstruction.




What did we do


Peaceland Foundation, together with China Social Relief Foundation, also launched disaster response immediately on the night of 21st May and started online crowdfunding projects on Tencent Charity, Sina Charity, and Water Drop Charity Platforms. A total of 131,068 people participated in the donation, and we raised RMB 1807443.11 for our 8 days of action.


We would take this chance to say thank you for all the donations and helps!


From the 21st to 29th May, our disaster relief working group has purchased, transported, and distributed 6,934 pieces of rice and oil, 2,420 boxes of mineral water and 1,520 boxes of instant noodles and 143 boxes of bread to the people in need. 6,634 families, including 27,534 people from Cangshan West town and Fuheng Town in Yangbi Country were benefited.


Our first food distribution happened on the night of 22nd May. After that, we had a new patch of supplies each day to be dispatched and distributed until the 29th. Peaceland Foundation team members also visited the afflicted areas and conducted daily disaster assessments during the operational week. They investigated people’s demands and donated daily supplies accordingly from Dali city nearby. After the material distribution, a second overall evaluation on the current condition was conducted by collecting feedback from beneficiaries.




Relief work by joined force


Due to the wooden structure of the houses in Cangshan West town, most of them were seriously damaged by the earthquake and no longer inhabitable. The locals moved to tents provided by the government. Some people slept in the car to make space for the elder and the children in tents. They looked after each other well and sharing the food altogether in each village or neighbourhood. Peaceland Foundation was among many other NGOs who donated rice, vegetables and eggs to ensure balanced diets under the emergency.


During the rescue, we received many local villagers or trunk drivers joining us as volunteers for material transfer. Transportation difficulty was a common issue since the access to a few villages in the mountain areas was too narrow for trunks to enter. We had to transfer the materials to small cars at the foot of the mountain and drive another 30 min to arrive in those villages.


The government will continually support the reconstruction of the collapsed houses. Their livelihoods as agriculture and livestock farming were not affected much by this earthquake.


Under the cooperation between the government, NGOs and the local volunteers, we believe life will be quickly restored to the level before the earthquake.