Panel Discussion: “They are not Alone–Support Syria After 10 Years’ Conflict”

Early in this April, the panel discussion on “They are not Alone–Support Syria After 10 Years’ Conflict” was co-chaired by Peaceland Foundation and the ICRC Regional Delegation for East Asia in Beijing. With a focus on the achievements and challenges of Syria’s humanitarian aids program , the theme of this conference was to identify the needs of the Syrian IDPs and refugees, and how the international society, include China, could help.


The panel addressed a variety of topics relevant to the main theme, including recent food shortage in Syria, difficulty to access to the most needed areas, the long-term impact of the humanitarian aids and etc.


Speakers include:

Ms Maha Ahmed, Deputy Country Director of WFP China;

Dr. Rafif Al-Sayed, the ambassadress from Syria to China;

Mr Zhang Shuangfeng, Head of Communication of ICRC Representative Office in East Asia;

Ms Zhan Weizhen, the manager of Lebanon Office of Peaceland Foundation.


Dr. Lv Xiaoyu (assistant professor of Beijing University, PHD at Oxford University) served as moderator.


The pandemic is challenging the life condition for Syrians in all aspects, as well as the humanitarian operations in situ. More efforts and resources are required in 2021 than ever before. We sincerely call for collaborations from counties to counties, neighbourhoods to neighbourhoods and people to people, we hope to give a more sustainable, systematic support for Syrian people to rebuild their lives.


You can find the video of the event here (https://pan.baidu.com/s/1aRDq03xZ8cqMcfoW5SWztg  密码: 5a3m).


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